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In this interview conducted for the Herald, I speak to Oscar nominee Felicity Jones (Rogue OneThe Theory of Everything) about playing Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the new film that chronicles the legedary Supreme Court Justice’s early life.

There aren’t many Supreme Court Justices—or 85-year-olds for that matter—who can legitimately be described as rock stars. But it’s hard to think of a more appropriate way to refer to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Maybe super hero also comes close?

Appointed to the United States Supreme Court in 1993, Ginsburg was just the second woman to gain such a posting (there have been only two since then), which built upon her tireless work as a legal crusader for gender equality.

Although long-respected as a feminist leader and instigator of social change, the last few years have seen Ginsburg emerge as a genuine cultural icon. The Notorious RGB, they call her. A steely force for good embraced by a world sorely lacking them.