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In this retrospective feature for Letterboxd Journal, I take a look back at one of my all-time favourite movies, 1992’s eerily prescient comedy-caper-heist-thriller Sneakers.

As its thirtieth anniversary sneaks up, editor-at-large Dominic Corry celebrates an eerily prophetic early-’90s heist caper that bridges the analog-digital divide.

In this Deep Impact column, we explore the deep affection for, and impactful resonance of, films that perhaps haven’t quite gained the position in the visible film canon that their quality and devoted audience warrant. Some of the most effusive enthusiasm on Letterboxd is reserved for these kinds of movies, and this column gives me a chance to uncover the particular passions of the Letterboxd massive.

Previously, we have covered The Mummy, Interstellar, Moulin Rouge! and The Truman Show, and coming soon, Deep Impact: Deep Impact. Not kidding. That movie owns. But in this edition, we’ll crack the code of 1992’s Sneakers.