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In this interview conducted for the Herald, I talk to an intense Jared Leto, a collegial Will Smith and a charming Margot Robbie about their blockbuster Suicide Squad.

Oscar winner Jared Leto is known for his intense performances. But there's more than a hint of The Joker’s manic glee in Leto, as he sits down with TimeOut in New York City.

“He’s a twisted little f***er and it was a lot of fun to play,” Leto says of the infamous villain, who takes a starring role in the highly anticipated Suicide Squad.

Although less outwardly threatening than the Clown Prince of Crime, Leto has no trouble evoking the character's unhinged menace, especially when he looks you dead in the eye and says things like: “The Joker has permission to do almost anything, which is intoxicating. I could dance on the table naked. Or, I could cut off your lips. They’re both good choices.”