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In this red carpet interview conducted for Letterboxd News, I chat to the stars, as well as the screenwriter and two of the producers, of the new action comedy throwback.  

Once a reliable staple of studio summer schedules, the humble buddy-action-comedy hasn’t had much of a role to play in popular culture in the last decade or so. Into this relative void comes Stuber, a loving attempt to resurrect the form, clearly made by huge fans of the genre.

Nascent global star Kumail Nanjiani, fresh off his Oscar nomination for co-writing The Big Sick with wife Emily V. Gordon, stars as a part-time Uber driver named Stu, who endures the titular nickname care of a co-worker at a sporting goods store.

Stu’s world is rocked when his car is commandeered by Vic, a grizzled LAPD detective played by Dave Bautista, the former WWE superstar who went on to steal the Guardians of the Galaxy films and reveal dramatic depth in Blade Runner 2049.

Vic is hunting a killer, but can’t drive, so Stu is dragged into an ever-escalating series of encounters across Los Angeles. Iko Uwais, Karen Gillan, Natalie Morales and Mira Sorvino round out the supporting cast.