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In this interview conducted for the Herald, I chat with Russell Crowe about Shane Black, Ryan Gosling, The Nice Guys and his place in the modern blockbuster landscape.

In February this year, early on in the Oscar ceremony, film fans around the world were exposed to something they hadn’t seen in quite some time. Something they may have forgotten was even possible: the sight and sound of Russell Crowe being charming.

Presenting an award with Ryan Gosling, Crowe and the younger actor delighted the room with their sardonic patter and light-hearted interplay. Coming off a long series of deadly serious films, Crowe seemed to be enjoying himself for the first time in ages.

The chemistry on display boded well for Crowe and Gosling’s new action comedy The Nice Guys, and the studio was clearly paying attention, as their comedic interplay has since been the focal point of the film’s marketing.