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I fulfill a lifelong dream by chatting to master filmmaker David Lynch in this interview conducted for the Herald. Granted, Twin Peaks is a TV show. But heck if it isn’t highly cinematic.

There’s meeting your heroes, then there’s meeting David Lynch. A storyteller wrapped inside a mystery wrapped inside an enigma, his work displays an appreciation for the filmed arts that is unrivalled in both cinema and television.

The writer/director behind iconic movies such as Eraserhead (1977), Blue Velvet (1986) and Mulholland Dr. (2001) is still best known for Twin Peaks (1990-91), the groundbreaking television series he co-created with writer Mark Frost.

With its cinematic production values, unique characters and dark undertones, there’s a direct line from Twin Peaks to the golden age of quality television we’ve recently experienced. Despite that connection, Twin Peaks remains a peerless achievement thanks to the singularity of Lynch’s vision and aesthetic. And it’s back.

In a time when seemingly every cultural artefact under the sun is being revisited and rebooted, no stones are left unturned. Still, few people could ever have predicted that, in 2017, we would be returning to the deceptively sleepy little town of Twin Peaks, Washington.